Our Dance Classes

3 year olds- Small Wonders- This will be your child’s very first step into the world of dance! At The Dance Place this will be done in a way that your child feels like a star! We want each child to feel happy in their own skin; we want each dancer to be excited about dance. We will work on basic ballet, tap and tumbling movements. We will learn to dance in our own space, wait our turn in line and most of all build a positive self-esteem! Students will develop coordination and classroom social skills. These classes include very basic ballet and tap discipline, song & dance routines, and basic acrobatic skills. .


4 year olds- Discover Dance - Discover Dance is the best way to describe this class. In this class we will work on ballet, tap and acrobatics. Begin to learn the names of basic steps and begin to work on counts. We still encourage individuality while working to build a positive self-esteem. We will also be working with partners and taking turns. Children will also engage in fun activities designed to strengthen motor skills and hand/eye coordination.


Kindergarten- Wee-Bop Dance- For the first time ever Acrobatics will be part of this class. We will begin each class with acrobatics as our warm up then we will move on to ballet and end with tap. If you could work with your child on learning how to buckle their tap shoes this will make things move more quickly. During our ballet we will spend time at the barre, work on the position of the feet, and begin to learn basic terminology. In Tap we begin working on the sounds, dancing on the balls of the feet and counting the sounds. Feeling good about what we do in class is so important, so building self-esteem will be continued in this class. Don’t forget it is important to practice at home.


1st grade-Bee-Bop Dance- As 1st graders dance continues to build. In ballet we will be spending more time at the barre working on technique and terminology. In tap we will be working on basic tap step and putting them into combination. Because of increased coordination your first grader may choose to take acrobatics this year. In acro we will begin with basics, learning the guidelines to go by to learn to tumble safely. We will also work on flexibility. We work on keeping a good attitude and having a positive self-esteem.


Ballet/Lyrical emphasizes balance, control, and grace. It is the foundation for all forms of dance. This will strengthen complete dance and performance skills. This class emphasizes musicality and expression through dance.


Tap focuses on combining rhythm and sound with music.


Jazz has several styles, from blues to pop to hip-hop. Our jazz students will be exposed to many different styles. It's offered to students 2nd graders and up.


Beginning/Intermediate Pointe is available to students who are in the 7th grade and older with at least 3 years of ballet training. Students must also be enrolled in a weekly ballet class. Enrollment is with the instructor's permission.


N.F.F. NOT FOR FUN is for 2nd grade and older, it designed for students that desire more technique work. It is a class for serious students, DO NOT bring excuses to this class! You must explain your reason for wanting to be in the class before you will be excepted and allowed to be in this group.


Hip Hop This is a popular class class where students learn the coolest moves from this urban style of dance with age appropriate popular music. Great for coordination, too.


Musical Theatre With essential Broadway choreography & music from stage & film, this class will also focus on stage direction & showmanship. Open to 2nd grade and up.


Contemporary Incorporating elements from ballet, jazz & modern dance, this class for teens explores self-expression through lyrical music. A great compliment to a more structured & traditional ballet class. Middle/High school



Watch Us” Junior and Senior Competition Team Our Competition Dance Teams were created for dancers who “live, eat, drink, and breathe” dance; who regard dance as their most important extra-curricular activity. This will require an audition (September 6th at 10am with out of town judges) and a time commitment. We will attend several competitions and your attendance will be required. Additional costumes will also be needed. Tentative Competition Dates: Nov 1-2, Feb 20, March 7-8, April 18-19, May 2-3


Private and semi-private lessons are available in any of the dance forms listed. These lessons offer individual, concentrated attention and are invaluable in improving technique or mastering complex movements. Students preparing for dance competitions, pageants and talent shows often choose private lessons. 



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