Here are a few things you and your dancer need to know:



Dress Code We follow a dress code for weekly classes. We believe this encourages discipline among our students. Street clothes are not allowed. It is important that dancers present a neat appearance to minimize distractions in the classroom. Hair must be pulled away from the face and secured to the head.


Attendance Policy Regular attendance is critical to both an individual dancer's progress and to the progress of the class. If you must be absent, we ask that you call to let us know so we won't worry. Missed classes should be made up as soon as Possible. There are no tuition refunds or credits given for missed classes.


Make-up Classes Regular attendance is very important, but we realize that you must occasionally be absent from class. Missed classes can be made up at anytime except during the months of December and May.


Tuition and Fees Tuition is billed per family and begins at $40 per month for one class. Each class after that is $15.00. We have many blended families and we are happy to offer you the same discount, but you will only receive the discount if you pay your blended family fees in one check. Dance fees are due the first lesson of each month, when you pay before the 10th you receive a 10.00 discount! (This is a savings of 100.00 by the end of the year!) If you pay after the 10th and you pay the discounted price YOU WILL BE BILLED THE REMAINDER OF YOUR FEE.

1st class = 40.00 before the 10th = 30.00

2nd class = 55.00 before the 10th = 45.00

3rd class = 70.00 before the 10th = 60.00

4th class = 85.00 before the 10th = 75.00



Costumes One costume fee is due by October 15th. COSTUMES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Once the order has been placed, you are responsible for the remaining balance. Costume balances will be billed in December, and are due by February 1st. A finance charge of $10 per costume will be added each month to costumes not paid in full by February 1. Costumes will arrive in February and March. If your account is not paid in full, your dancer will not be allowed to take his/her costume home. Please do not wear your costumes for anything other than pictures and performances. We want our students to look fresh and beautiful for the recital!


Holidays and School Closings We will be closed for major holidays, but we will remain open for teacher workdays. Typically, we are closed in observance of the following: Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Friday) Christmas/New Year's (in conjunction with Alleghany County Schools) Inclement Weather In poor weather conditions, we will be cautious in deciding whether or not to open. Please note that we do not necessarily follow the Alleghany County School system. You can call the studio (336-372-2473) The best rule is to always use your best judgment; any classes missed can be made up. 

Student Assistants  These are advanced students who help with younger classes each week. Student Assistants demonstrate movements and help keep our classes running smoothly. If you are interested in being an assistant, write a short paper telling why you would like to do this.


We believe that everyone should finish what they start, but if you must drop mid-way through the year, we ask that you notify the office as soon as possible. Until we hear from you, your account will continue to be charged. If you drop after costume orders have been placed, you will be responsible for paying the balance.


Dates to remember:

August 4- First week of dance (this is orientations week, you will come in, find out your class schedule, pick up ordered shoes. Monday-Weds. 4-6)

 September 1– Labor day no class

October 15–   One Costume fee due

October 27–31- wear any costume to class

November 15-Remainder of costume payment due

November 26-28 Thanksgiving Break

December 14---  Winter Wonderland Christmas Extravaganza!

December 22- January 2 Christmas Break

 April – Pictures (TBA)

 May 16-19–  Dress Rehearsal

 May 21 Recital    2:00pm and 7:00pm


What shoes do I need?


3 and 4 year old dancers will need pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Kindergarten and 1st grade will need pink ballet and tan tap shoes. 2nd-5th grade dancers need tan jazz and tan tap shoes. All middle and high school students must have tan jazz shoes and black tap shoes. Selected classes will need lyrical shoes.


What do I wear to dance?

We do not have a dress code but do expect dancers to dress for class. Younger dancers need to be in a leotard, unitard, or bike shorts, skirts or tutus if desired. Young dancers do not have to wear tights during the warmer seasons. Older dancers must wear a cami-type/t- shirt and dance shorts and you must wear tights at all times while in class.   Leotards are required for Pointe classes and preferred in all classes.  No street clothes.



Other rules include:

Always be prepared and on time for class, hair must be up out of your face and off your neck, no gum, no food or drinks in the studio dance space. Dancers may have something in the dressing room or waiting area. Regular attendance is critical to both an individual dancer's progress and to the progress of the class. If dancers must be absent, we ask that you call to let us know so we won't worry. Missed classes should be made up as soon as possible. There are no tuition refunds or credits given for missed classes.


No cell phones! They must be turned off and placed in your bag. We have a phone and if your child needs to call you they may use that phone, the use of cell phones for texting is getting out of hand, cell phones will not be tolerated. If you need to reach your child for any reason please call 336-372-2473. Parents your help and support will be greatly appreciated!


Last but not least, attitudes must be checked at the door. It is my wish that when we come together at The Dance Place we are a team. We want your child to have a great dance experience, full of learning and most of all FUN! 




Where to Find the Studio

The Dance Place
665 S Main St

Trojan Village Shopping Center

PO Box 254
Sparta, NC 28675
Phone: 336-372-2473



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